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The Guardians by mandiemanzano


  • Beestjes zoeken met mama, en ze dan in glazen potjes bewaren en groenten voeren.
  • Liga´s eten.
  • Op grote bladeren stampen (mijn vader zei altijd dat ik dan op hele grote chips stond te stampen, omdat de bladeren dezelfde geluiden maakten als iemand chips eet)
  • In waterplasjes stampen als het net geregend heeft
  • Met opa vissen
  • Met oma geurtjes ruiken
  • Met Rianne in het oude huis van mijn opa en oma in de kelder spelen en avonturen bemaken
  • Sterretjes met avocado en ei eten.
  • Met mijn zus over funnies vechten.


  • De moomins
  • Noddy
  • Fabeltjeskrant
  • Babar (die lieve olifantjes) 
  • TikTak
  • Ernst, Bobbie en de rest
  • Piet Piraat
  • Casper
  • Charlotte’s web
  • Pieter Konijn
  • Angelina Ballerina
  • Fantasia 2000
  • Dumbo 
  • Alle Disney films! 
  • Sinbad
  • Heidi


  • Meneertjes en Mevroutjes
  • Dikkie Dik
  • Kikker boeken
  • Suske en Wiske
  • Donald Duck en Katrien 
  • Mijn leukste elfen verhaaltjes
  • Jip en Janneke
  • Van drie domme zusjes
  • Roald Dahl boeken
  • De mooiste vis van de zee
  • Het lelijke jonge eentje

Oops my mom is throwing a 40’s party and im part of it
I dreamed of Hell

I was in a castle. A big, big castle with so many doors, it seemed like a labyrinth. It felt weird being there, it felt familiar, it felt the same when you see something new but don’t know for sure if it is a good or bad thing. I felt curious. I was with a woman, she walked me through the castle. She had a deep voice, she looked very elegant; she was tall, had a long face and beautiful but serious looking face features, she had long hands and fingernails. She was wearing a long, black dress and her hair was dark. She looked a little bit like Maleficent, from the Disney film Sleeping Beauty. 

We walked past a lion, i remember. I don’t remember a lot from the castle. But the lion was in a cage, and the size of it was like a Sphinx statue. I wanted to rescue it, i felt bad that it was in a cage. The woman told me not to fool around and to keep close to her. We walked through a big door, and we had to walk down spiral stairs. The stairs seemed endless, but on the walls around them there were beautiful decorations, i remember seeing a big triangle which had gold, blue and dark green colours. I had a golden, very old camera with me and wanted to take a picture of it. But i couldn’t and the woman who was leading me down the stairs, seemed annoyed, so i’m not sure if i did take a picture of that symbol but it was blurry, or if i didn’t dare. I have the feeling that i did though. I was scared that the woman would destroy my camera, so i decided not to take any risks. I followed her down the stairs, i remember it took ages to get to the bottom. But the stairs were really weird, i remember finishing one staircase and then i had to start another, but in order to start the next one, i had to either have the key, or solve a riddle, or the stairs themselves were a puzzle!

When we finally got to the bottom, we were outdoors. Around me, was a massive salt lake, full of flamingos. I wanted to get close to them and take a picture, but they started flying away from me and some of them turned into stone and then into ashes. Then, when all the flamingos who were alive were gone, the dead ones turned into domino shaped stones, and on both sides of the stones, the Ichthys  symbol was carved on them. I grabbed one, and in my hand it looked small, but on the ground they looked a lot bigger, and heavy. I looked around me, and at the same place where i was, i saw people, so many people sitting on the Ichthys-carved stones and they were all crying. People of all ages, they were looking at the floor or staring at nothing and they were screaming and weeping. I wanted to help them, i tried to understand what language they were speaking but i couldn’t. So i started shouting at them in English: “why don’t you walk away?! stop sitting on the stones, they are birds!!” I started feeling hopeless, when the woman, who was apparently still next to me, told me to ignore them and move on.

She told me that i had to open the gate to leave this place. We walked past all the people and got to a massive gate. I couldn’t see what was behind it, and it was very difficult to open it too. When i opened it, i saw many cages, they were 10 times my size and inside each cage was a beast, they all looked like dragons. The woman laughed and said: “Did you get your hopes up? Fight these demons and you might leave.” She pointed at each one of them and told me their names. The one demon i remember clearly, was a dragon in the cage that was nearest to me, i think it was orange-red, and its name started with B. It had massive wings. I was so scared, that i woke up. 

I googled what it means to dream of hell and many people explained that i might fear that there is something in my life that is wrong, or i feel guilty for something i did in my life. I also read that it might be a sign to change my way of living. I also saw that apparently a lot of people dream of hell. 

A week after i saw the dream, i told my mother about it because i couldn’t stop thinking about it. She said that the way i describe what i saw, reminds her of the 9 circles of hell in Dante’s poem about Purgatory. 

The spiral staircases in this painting is shown, as well as the scenery after it (the salt lake), and the suffering souls on the left, including the castle on the right. It feels scary, the fact that everything i dreamed of is represented in his poem, which influenced religion and the arts after him. 

my dreams and hopes are going down the toilet



Magda Zwierzchowska





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